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Model 400 -Extended Season

Building on the three season sunroom, the Model 400 Thermal Sunroom by Sunspace takes you to a new level in comfort. By offering 3″ extruded insulated aluminum pillars and double glazed windows, this Thermal Sunroom allows you to extend your seasons enjoyment. With a Sunspace Thermal Sunroom you will adding a new high quality, customized and comfortable living space to your home or cottage. Every region of the country has their fair share of good and bad weather. Don’t let nature lock you inside, rather enjoy the seasons from the comfort of your new Sunspace Sunroom.

Features & Benefits

  • Choose from 3”, 4“ or 6” thicknesses

  • Roof projection, snow load & R-Value are always considered in the customization of your roof system

  • All systems constructed of high density foam core

  • Laminated with aluminum skins on both sides

  • OSB exterior option to accomodate standard shingles

  • Integrated gutter system

  • Worry Free heavy duty extruded aluminum gutters and fascia

  • Optional prep for wood paneling


  • White

  • Driftwood

  • Bronze

Specifications & Engineering

  • Thermal Room Walls High density 3″ foam panels keep this room warm and comfortable and the heavy gauge 3″ aluminum extrusions offer strong support for wind and snow load. All extrusions have commercial grade thermal breaks reducing condensation and heat loss. All windows are high efficiency glass with Low-E Argon gas adding one more level of protection from the elements. Therma-Deck Our thermal poly deck system consists of panels with 3.5″, 5.5″ and 7.25″ core of insulation sandwiched between two 1/2″ Oriented Strand Boards giving our Therma-Deck a 25% better insulated rating than conventional flooring construction. Therma-Deck eliminates costly foundation work and finished surfaces can receive carpet, tile or almost any type of flooring.

Custom Options & Applications

Custom Options:

  • Gable roof (post and beam not included)

  • Glass transoms

  • Tempered glass kick panels

  • Various Glass Options


  • Patio, porch enclosures

  • Room additions

  • Mobile home additions

  • Trailer additions

  • Free standing

  • Entries

  • Cabanas

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