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The Select Pleated Screen System opens up any sized space and slides completely out of the way to increase living space and create a seamless transition from indoors to out. Enjoy the protection of a screened room, protecting you from pesky insects without interrupting your views of the outdoors.

Our Screen System has no bottom raised track or guide, instead using an extreme low profile PVC guide that is only 1/8 inch tall and can be installed over most surfaces and offer a stylish, versatile addition to your home, cottage or commercial property. Pairs perfectly with our Select WeatherMaster Plus Stacking Door/Wall System.


  • Simple to install and service.

  • A full cassette style housing system.

  • Inset installation mounting and exterior flush mounting system.

  • Cost effective and very low maintenance.

  • Patented tension system provides added durability

  • Revolutionary bottom guide system

  • Use P.E.T. pleated screen mesh that is up to 3x more durable

  • Perfect for under existing roof applications and new construction.

  • Available with WeatherMaster Plus stacking door option.

  • Easily integrates as an addition to the Sunspace Acrylic patio covers.

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  • Stylish design.

  • Ease of cleaning.

  • Fully warrantied.

  • Ideal for existing porch conversions.

  • Applications in both residential and commercial settings.

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